Holly Chernoff, Treasurer

I am a woman living my dream. As a little girl growing up in North Miami Beach, I began riding in Greynolds Park at the Lester Stagg School of Equitation. My mother, who rode horses, was sure that riding was the answer to my awkwardness. Little did she know that she created a monster, a little girl who lived and dreamed of nothing but horses. The stable moved to Davie, Florida. We were picked up in a truck and driven there by our instructor. We drove down a road where there were three beautiful houses which were set back on their property. In front were horses grazing around a lake. I knew then that I would have such a house when I grew up.

My family was poor. I had to work for my riding. And I did, all day just to ride for one hour, never once resenting it. Lester taught pseudo dressage. He taught theory from the book “Dressage” by Henry Wynmalen. It sits on my bookshelf today. Lester taught that your relationship with the horse was everything. Mutual respect was the key. The scrawny little girl soaked it all in. I became a lead rider teaching beginners and trainer of the lesson horses. I rode everything. I never had a horse of my own.

Then I went to college at UF, GO GATORS. They had program where students could qualify to ride the horses at the horse teaching unit. I did. I graduated and went back to Lester’s. Then back to UF for law school. Now I became the person to break the young saddlebreds. I fell in love with Fantasy, who became my first horse. Did you know her name was UF Cameo’s Fantasy? I showed Fantasy saddle seat at first and then converted her to dressage. Fantasy was a star. She would do anything for me and I for her. Then she foundered. Lexus was next. Lexus (Beauty when Deb Stafford owned her) taught me about the power and capability of a warmblood. She also taught me patience. Then Laddie. Need I say more. And now Sunny. I am one lucky girl.

I am not just all about horses; I have two children, Leon and Erica. Leon is a physician and Erica is a senior at Florida majoring in nutrition. I am a very proud mother. And, I am a lawyer, a divorce lawyer, turned mediator. I am often asked whether I love my job. My answer is, I like my job and I love that it affords me the opportunity to live the life I do with my horses. My dream has come true.